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So you decide it’s that time to replace the dated school portrait selection around the fireplace. Your old phone didn’t sync and you don’t want to think about the photos you lost on your upgrade. But you kept meaning to print them, you did, honest.

Well don’t fret, family portrait time doesn’t have to be awkward. Well it is, but kids you will get extra TV and sweets for making your mother and grandmothers happy.

I find it best to pick a favorite location, for example a park nearby or beach. I know we are hard pushed in Belfast but I don’t mind travelling. These pictures are to hang on your walls for years to come. Everyone loves a wee trip up the Coast with a few ice-creams dripping everywhere don’t they? This best suits older children and Grandparents and extended family welcome also. You can even bring the dog …no wait I’m only coming if you bring the dog, just kidding!

Family Session Indoors £60

Approx. 2o mins. White backdrop with jeans and white top combo. Generic poses.

10 edited images.

Add CD for £35.


Family Session Outdoors £120

Approx 1 hr session on location. Groups, individual portraits & unlimited members welcome.

15 edited images.

Add CD for £35.


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