First Holy Communion season runs from May to June with some exceptions. How I do Communions is pretty straight forward. If your interested in booking please ring 07590368295 and  give me your child’s name and parish address/time of service. I will usually meet you BEFORE the service and take all family pictures on alter, around church etc. I like to have that spiritual element in your gallery and so this is well worth doing. Please arrive 30 mins BEFORE service in order for us to do this as you do not want 100 people in the background of your images. After the service we will arrange a second mini shoot somewhere close to your parish. This will all be discussed on booking.

If you would like a frame or album this can be purchased separately at your viewing appointment. Please book early to avoid disappointment as 2023 is almost full.

Carrie McKee. Belfast’s leading family and Children’s Photographer and Printer. Timeless portraiture and image creation. Pick up the phone for a chat and to book your session now.  Call now on 07590368295. 507 Crumlin Road. Belfast.

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