1. Photographer or Baker?

    I get asked so regularly how I came to be in the business that I am, a photographer and baker. I often ask myself the same,  having to stress about the photo end of things can be bad enough.  When I started the revelation that is a Cakesmash, I had trouble with finding the perfect cake. It had to look amazing, taste amazing but also be cost effective. It also had to be small enough for a baby and hold as little risk with allergies as possible. As my style progressed, so did the cakes have to. So I thought about making my own.

    I know some of you would think ‘who cares it’s getting smashed by a baby’. But like all things for your baby, you want the best and so I try and do that for each of my clients and the babies that have came to me on the biggest day of their life thus far, the mighty first birthday. It’s a big deal, it can’t be redone. You will always have those memories and for some busy Mum’s/ Dad’s organizing a suitable cake wasn’t a worry I wanted to give them on-top of everything else.

    So I started from scratch, literally. YouTube obviously was a gift in teaching how to make a basic sponge. From there I picked up bits and pieces, rolling pins and baking pans. Now sadly I’ve acquired a massive corner in my garage with storage boxes of mixers etc. I’ve always been creative, that wasn’t a problem and a semi decent cook. So in actual fact I have came to love baking. My favorite show is the Great British Bake Off  naturally and recently have raised £300 for STAND UP TO CANCER linked below.

    We can always put our heads together and teach ourselves a new skill and without a doubt the biggest compliments come when family and friends beg me to make them a cake (often totally last min). Everyone has been so supportive, especially my Mother, Mother in Law and partner, often left to help with the clean up. When I look back at myself then, flicking through the internet asking a million questions, I’d tell myself to be patient and you’ll get there. Anything is possible and worth doing it even if just for fun, learning never ends.  I’d like to finish with a few photos of my favorite bakes and to please ask you to donate to the page if you can. Happy Baking….and thank you for reading <3

    Carrie McKee is Northern Ireland’s leading Cakesmash Photographer/ Baker. Drop her a message now to plan your little one’s big day.

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