1. The Paris Wedding

    If you know me well, you will think I love travelling. If you know me really well, you will know my partner Paddy does all the work booking and physically getting us from A to B. I’m not a bad flyer as such, just make sure I’ve wine, chocolate and a good show and that’s me. But physically I have not traveled alone since 2012, when I was going to Blackpool for a story for the Guardian. Fast forward to Jan 2019, I have been asked to photograph a wedding in PARIS.

    In saying that, it is not the first time I have been to Paris, I have been to Paris Photo on two occasions. I have been to Disneyland Paris on three occasions. And many times visiting my Brother Chris when he lived there and was married there, twice. But that is another story!

    This is every photographers dream, a Paris wedding. And I have photographed two weddings in France before. The difference it was an English speaking couple. This time I have been asked to photograph a French couple that I met through my brother. The couple Eric & Amandine have one daughter, Lena. And at this point I should mention I don’t speak ANY FRENCH. I wish I listened in school instead of beaking off to the art department everyday!

    So I packed my bag and off I went with my Minnie Mouse suitcase. I was sad I wouldn’t have time for Disney on this trip but excited to see my brother and his family who had made the trip from Germany. He has also promised to translate and help with arranging group photos, an unofficial second shooter if you will. Here is a photo of me before I boarded, thought I’d do a selfie instead of the usual pint photo from the bar. I was nervous but up for the challenge!

    So the couple had booked Domaine des Lumiéres, just outside of Paris city. They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony in the sun beginning at 3pm. The food was provided by their neighbors and the music was a team effort within the family. After the service we casually did some photographs in and around the venue, and although I speak no French, I generally managed very well.  I even managed to get the bridal party on the bouncy castle, which should be noted no children were harmed in doing so. Another highlight would be the African meal and native dancing, that went on past 3am. The main similarity with this Wedding to an Irish one, is dancing. Much like in Ireland you may see traditional Irish dancing, harpist or a band, I can honestly say there was a packed dance floor all night. In fact I wore my flip flops out trying to keep up photographing everybody. Lastly, I would like to thank the wonderful Bride Amandine for asking me to be part of their special day. Never have a met a wilder Bride but I absolutely love your energy, even if we have no idea what each other is saying. Eric, handsome Eric, you did well my friend and looked the part. And well done learning that first dance it was very memorable. I wish you all the luck and love in the future and I hope to see you soon :)

    Here is a quick highlights video of that very special Wedding in Paris… <3

    Carrie xo