1. Hannah’s Tribal Teaser

    Often I’m asked what is involved in a Model Portfolio shoot and have decided to do a write up of my most recent shoot with 9 year old Hannah. Usually, the day starts next door from my studio in Pout. This is the pamper session for the child, while Mum and myself plan outfits. It’s a good idea to run outfits by me so I can get a idea of theme and where is best to go. Hannah’s clothes would have worked either indoors or out…and even though it was raining, 20 mins at Botanic turned into 2 hrs! Sometimes you get carried away.

    I like to go with the flow, what I get in my head in that moment is what I stick by… 9 times out of 10 this works. It is fantastic to have the city center studio in case weather changes and we need to go indoors. It was actually raining this particular day, taking shade where we could, under trees, in green houses and under band stands.

    In terms of what to bring, usually 3-5 outfits. Some comfortable shoes. For this shoot I used my own Polaroid as a prop but I’ve used clients bicycles, trampolines, fur coats, boxing gloves…anything and everything really. I encourage a personal stamp but I’m also inclined to rob my own Mum’s wardrobes from time to time. I have a secret ally who is amazing at pulling things like outfits and hairbands. I keep telling her to open a shop and I’d buy it all but no such luck yet. (*cough cough Miss Jenny!*). Can’t have enough accessories either, hair clips, hairbrush and clothing pins are a good thing to remember to pack.

    Here’s Hannah’s teaser from last weeks shoot. Any questions, ask away. Personally I’m so in love with each all of these and thankfully she forgets it was raining <3

    IMG_2829 IMG_2796 IMG_2755 IMG_2724IMG_2746IMG_2958 IMG_2980IMG_2988 IMG_3015IMG_3031IMG_3076

    Definition of rockin’ it !!! GO HANNAH


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