1. Aiofe

    Aiofe was our most recent cake smasher, isn’t she adorable? I just couldn’t resist featuring her on the blog!

    This Cake Smash had a a gold and pink colour scheme with stars scattered all over the set. It was perfect for this birthday celebration! At first Aiofe looked beautiful in her portraits, in which she wore a gorgeous cream dress. When the cake came out she changed into a pink tutu and headband, coordinating with the set perfectly! Aiofe was all smiles as she danced along to her favorite tunes and especially when the whole family sang happy birthday to her. At last bath time came, and after successfully covering Mummy in suds, Aiofe had lots of fun blowing bubbles with Daddy. She was all nice and clean and ready to go out to dinner with the family after the soapy fun!

    This Cake Smash also saw our first live stream on Facebook! Hopefully these will continue regularly and you can enjoy watching some behind the scenes action. Keep an eye out for more Cake Smashes soon!

    IMG_5244IMG_5261 IMG_5279 IMG_5344 IMG_5327 IMG_5386 IMG_5390 IMG_5387IMG_5558 IMG_5560

    Check out our first Facebook Live feed…


    Carrie McKee Photography. Cake Smash. Belfast. 07590368295