1. Happy Birthday Gia

    I’m beyond excited to finally show you all this outfit I have been holding onto for weeks. Ahoy Matey here it is!…

    Of course, the perfect baby to pull this off would need a mop of dark hair and dark complexion and when Gia came through the door, she was the perfect match! We’ve even included a sandcastle bucket and a beach ball to tie in with our nautical motif.

    Firstly we started with the pink tutu, a beautiful gift from Granny that was saved for Gia’s special day.¬†Even Mum and Dad got to share limelight in this one, helping her showcase the look! It won’t be long before this little one is on her feet.

    Next it was cake time, which Gia playfully demolished. We all sang along Happy Birthday as she tore away chucks of sponge. This resulted in a lot of mess, but this was okay because Gia was able to clean herself up in a lovely warm bath with lots of bubbles cheered on by Mum, Dad and everyone at Carrie McKee Photography.

    Happy 1st Birthday Gia… Have a wonderful day<3


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