1. Happy 1st Birthday Fionnlagh!

    Introducing our newest shipmate…Ahar Fionnlagh!

    This wee man was a perfect happy chappy, showing us his smiles the whole session, right from the portraits, where he wore cute dungarees and then in his spotty birthday outfit! He didn’t need much coaxing behind the scenes to smile and laugh, this little man was a natural!

    When the Sailor cake was brought out, after the initial puzzled look, it soon covered our birthday boy head to toe.  Fionnlagh was most definitely not sharing any of his cake with any of us. He even did his best to scoff the whole lot.

    Once the cake had been well and truly was time for some fun in the tub. Next came the bubble bath that we had prepared for this messy little man. Once submerged, he wasted no time splashing Mum and Dad and everyone at Carrie McKee Photography. Some of the best splashes I’ve seen!

    Happy 1st Birthday Fionnlagh from us at Carrie McKee Photography.







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