1. Riley Faith- 7 Days Old

    Well, my time at Carrie McKee Photography has been an exciting journey, mostly full of icing and bubble baths from the birthday Cakesmashes but on Wednesday I had the pleasure of taking part in my first ever Newborn shoot.

    I have to say, at first I was scared (not scared of the baby of course, but unsure of how the shoot would go) but little Riley Faith was a perfect debut for me. She was in simple terms, a week year old, 7 lb 4 bundle of joy. I was nearly tearing up with how cute she was.

    Anyway, newborn shoots usually happen within a few days of the little angel being brought into the world, because unfortunately they don’t stay that size for long. The studio has to be piping hot (can’t have the baby getting too chilly) and a white noise app is used to create a calming atmosphere which helps the baby sleep. It most definitely ¬†worked for Riley; she did not move a muscle for 2 whole hours.

    Firstly, Riley was put on a white bean bag (that Carrie and I had filled to the brim a few days before). Riley must have been having a fantastic dream, because she smiled like she knew she was having her picture taken… Model to be maybe?

    Then Mum and Dad got the chance to share Riley’s limelight, showing off their fabulous creation. There was so much love in the room.

    Lastly, Mum and Dad requested that their favourite Teddy bear make it into the photos. How could we say no? So the last few shots saw Riley on a bed with her cuddly toy.

    I had such a wonderful time and enjoyed every moment of sharing a moment of this little newborns life. Perhaps it won’t be my last, but I have to thank Riley for being the perfect little baby…

    Gabi Simms (Intern at Carrie McKee Photography)











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