1. The Newborn Prep List – What to bring…

    Okay so you’ve booked your Newborn shoot, as many of you do as soon as baby is born. You are busting to show the world your new bundle and get to me as soon as possible for your professional experience. The leading question at this stage is…”Baby’s here, when can you fit us in and what do we bring…?”

    Whether you’ve booked a Newborn full session or the mini, the prep is the same. I usually time all sessions around 10 or 11am as this is roughly just after most morning feeds. I ask that you bathe baby in the am of your shoot, this will help relax baby and it really does work. Try to not overdo the moisturizer as it can make the textures I use stick to skin easier.

    Secondly, give baby a full feed and if possible dress baby in a easy slip off outfit or babygrow. Pack extra wipes, nappy bags and nappies. If your feeding yourself grand, if bottle feeding bring extra as baby may need a top up. Bring a packed lunch for yourself especially if your breast feeding to keep up your energy. I have a coffee machine and microwave if needed. On arrival if baby is still settled we will begin some wrapped shots using all desired props and beanbag. We can do some family portraits and individuals at this point. We will end on the beanbag with more posed styling. I will attach examples throughout this blog of how this all looks. I would love to have all the family at the shoot, however due to space limitations I only recommend Mum and one other adult attends unless siblings have been confirmed at the booking. Everyone is welcome at the viewing stage approx 1 week later.

    My address is 507 Crumlin Road Belfast Bt14 7GA, accessible only via side door of The Nail Lounge. The stairs to my floor are steep, so recommended that you carry baby in their car seat and leave the pram in the car or at home. Apart from that, come spend some of the most memorable hours of your life watching your baby shine. I will go above and beyond for any requests so let me know ahead of the birth if you would like something personal.

    Looking forward to meeting the latest addition to your world <3

    Carrie xo

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