1. Kris & Claire Wedding Highlights & Photobooth

    Some highlights from a beautiful May Wedding with Kris and Claire at the Galgorm Resort & Spa. Special thanks Jamie Trimble for assisting and for all the staff for making the day so special. Full edit coming soon!

    Carrie xx

  2. Masie Moo turns 1

    Baby Masie first came to see me as a little newborn a whole year ago.  By December, Masie was a whole 6 months and we got some precious first Christmas photos. Her personality was so gentle and very happy…and she knew how to rock a smile for a selfie!

    I’m so delighted to have seen her first year in front of the camera and I hope the little dinky doots comes back a million more times to see me. Here’s her first birthday cake smash…it should be noted that she was most content in her birthday suit than nose diving the cake.

    Serious cuteness overload…!

    Any questions about Baby-Birthday Packages please email me on









  3. Leo Séan Morgan

    See, didn’t I promise to keep up blogging.

    Meet the Morgan’s; Maria, Sean, Rebecca, Pearse and newest addition, little Leo <3.  Read more »

  4. Amirah – 6days old

    WOW it’s been over a year since my last blog post!! I just I have been totally guilty of uploading my recent work to private galleries so much so that I forget to share with you bloggers. Forgive me, I assure you, I’m back…or back to trying to keeping up!

    This year has already kicked off to an exciting start but I’ll not bore you with a blow by blow account of running a business. Just know that I’m learning every day and getting more confident with a lot of aspects. I think confidence is life’s ultimate bitch, well for me sometimes anyway. Only thing I suggest is that whatever it may be, ya gotta keep at it!!

    I have been slugging it out at the computer trying to grasp my website. I was soo bad in 2014 and never updated it. I hope to God people have been checking it out as there’s some seriously cute sessions on there now.  Read more »

  5. Jamie Trimble Weddings

    Jamie Trimble


    On the 5th July my good friend Jamie asked me to assist at his Wedding of Lauren & John as his usual assistant was on honeymoon. I’ve forever followed Jamie’s work and knew this would be a fantastic day of laughing and learning.  Read more »

  6. Jack & Charlie

    I know that mostly everyone is biased about their children and now I finally get it because of these two little munchkins. If you have been following my work or Facebook blog for any length of time you will know these cheeky faces are a constant contender for something seriously cute.  Read more »