1. Lóchlan’s Newborn Shoot

    Well it’s been a while since I’ve blogged a session, for the past few weeks that’s been the job of my intern’s, Gabi and Maeve. Unfortunately they are back to school and here I am, late at night and wondering where to put my apostrophes!

    It’s been a great Summer for smashes, however a new wave has been surfacing again…my all time favourite thing in the world to photograph. The Newborn. It may be lots of nappy changes, wipes and bibs at hand, oh and not forgetting the swaddling to sleep. There is a baby boom in the air and at Carrie McKee Photography, we are loving it! There is nothing like a little one arriving to the studio and all the neighboring shops starring in the window to get a glimpse of this new life. Nothing warms the heart like a new baby. That smell, the little outfits Mummy packs, the hairlines and the teddies that are often bigger than them at times.

    Over the years my approach to newborns has changed. I’ve learnt it’s not what we want, it’s of course what the baby wants to do. Sometimes they like a good stretch, or they like to be held. Sometimes they like tummy, sometimes not. It’s important to look out for the signs and be open to the session going in any direction.

    Usually I like to make sure baby is fed and changed, then it’s swaddle time. Once we have them wrapped tightly, it’s easier to give the baby to Mummy and Daddy for their family pictures. Sometimes I’m asked to do a family photograph here or even skin to skin, it really just depends. Best I find to do this at the start, gets Mum and Dad pumped with love.

    img_0924Introducing Baby Lóchlan Anthony McVarnock and Mum Toni. This works if baby is awake or sleeping, as-long as they’re settled I would usually work in some portraits. And let’s not forget Dad, he did a fab job too…

    img_1039So here’s Lóchlan, born 30/08/16 and weighing an impressive 8lbs 11oz! With bigger babies I wouldn’t tend to do the tiny bed or boxes…and I’m struggling to believe Mr L was only 2 weeks here, he was so alert and a little chubster. But he did rock the newborn bucket and we got some lovely images of him throughout his session.

    img_0943img_0944img_09741Mum & Dad, you will find the full private gallery here with your video too. Hope you enjoy…

    If you are interested in booking a Newborn shoot, please get in touch in your later pregnancy weeks. Sometimes I’m able to squeeze sessions in but not always.

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  2. Happy Birthday Isabella

    This is Isabella, an adorable little one year old that took part in a Minnie Mouse themed cake-smash, here at our studio. The set consisted of a grey backdrop decorated with Minnie Mouse bunting and red spots.

    Isabella had two adorable outfits for her shoot. For her portrait photo’s she looked lovely in some red and white polka dots, as well as a specially designed birthday hat! To enjoy a delicious cake, Isabella changed into an adorable tutu, paired with some mouse ears. She looked just like Minnie Mouse! After a thorough coating in icing and sponge, this little one enjoyed a warm, soapy bath with lots of bubbly fun! Doesn’t she look cute with the little bows in her hair? We hope you enjoy your birthday party on Sunday, Isabella, from everyone at Carrie McKee Photography.

    IMG_9188 IMG_9288 IMG_9331 IMG_9390 IMG_9458 IMG_9549 IMG_9568 IMG_9613 IMG_9664


    Carrie McKee Photography. North Street, Belfast. Cakesmash. 07590368295

  3. Riley Faith- 7 Days Old

    Well, my time at Carrie McKee Photography has been an exciting journey, mostly full of icing and bubble baths from the birthday Cakesmashes but on Wednesday I had the pleasure of taking part in my first ever Newborn shoot.

    I have to say, at first I was scared (not scared of the baby of course, but unsure of how the shoot would go) but little Riley Faith was a perfect debut for me. She was in simple terms, a week year old, 7 lb 4 bundle of joy. I was nearly tearing up with how cute she was.

    Anyway, newborn shoots usually happen within a few days of the little angel being brought into the world, because unfortunately they don’t stay that size for long. The studio has to be piping hot (can’t have the baby getting too chilly) and a white noise app is used to create a calming atmosphere which helps the baby sleep. It most definitely  worked for Riley; she did not move a muscle for 2 whole hours.

    Firstly, Riley was put on a white bean bag (that Carrie and I had filled to the brim a few days before). Riley must have been having a fantastic dream, because she smiled like she knew she was having her picture taken… Model to be maybe?

    Then Mum and Dad got the chance to share Riley’s limelight, showing off their fabulous creation. There was so much love in the room.

    Lastly, Mum and Dad requested that their favourite Teddy bear make it into the photos. How could we say no? So the last few shots saw Riley on a bed with her cuddly toy.

    I had such a wonderful time and enjoyed every moment of sharing a moment of this little newborns life. Perhaps it won’t be my last, but I have to thank Riley for being the perfect little baby…

    Gabi Simms (Intern at Carrie McKee Photography)











    Carrie McKee Photography. Belfast. Newborn. 07590368295

















  4. Happy 1st Birthday Fionnlagh!

    Introducing our newest shipmate…Ahar Fionnlagh!

    This wee man was a perfect happy chappy, showing us his smiles the whole session, right from the portraits, where he wore cute dungarees and then in his spotty birthday outfit! He didn’t need much coaxing behind the scenes to smile and laugh, this little man was a natural!

    When the Sailor cake was brought out, after the initial puzzled look, it soon covered our birthday boy head to toe.  Fionnlagh was most definitely not sharing any of his cake with any of us. He even did his best to scoff the whole lot.

    Once the cake had been well and truly was time for some fun in the tub. Next came the bubble bath that we had prepared for this messy little man. Once submerged, he wasted no time splashing Mum and Dad and everyone at Carrie McKee Photography. Some of the best splashes I’ve seen!

    Happy 1st Birthday Fionnlagh from us at Carrie McKee Photography.







    Carrie McKee Photography. Belfast. Cake Smash. 07590368295








  5. Happy Birthday Addison Alexis!

    We began with a simple white romper that Mum had picked out, an ideal outfit for the first portraits. Freshly awoken from a lovely nap…it wasn’t long before we got into the swing of things and got some beautiful smiles of the birthday girl.

    Our feature outfit for today is a new arrival: our Lilac & Gold spotted romper. The rich purple and gold was the perfect background setting for this outfit.  And this baby girl was the perfect model for our new theme, with her big brown eyes madly drawing us all in.

    It didn’t take long for some demolition of the cake, 0.1125 sec to be specific. Yes our quickest ever cake topple. But that didn’t matter as this little monster was happy to delve in with the cake snugly tucked in between her legs. She was not going to share with us that’s for sure :)

    After all that excitement, it was bath time…happily splashing Mummy and everyone at Carrie McKee Photography. Enjoy your 1st Birthday sweetie, hope you had a fun day with us <3


    IMG_6576 IMG_6596IMG_6618IMG_6547IMG_6751 IMG_6779IMG_6796

    Carrie McKee Photography. Belfast. Cake Smash. 07590368295.

  6. Happy Birthday Gia

    I’m beyond excited to finally show you all this outfit I have been holding onto for weeks. Ahoy Matey here it is!…

    Of course, the perfect baby to pull this off would need a mop of dark hair and dark complexion and when Gia came through the door, she was the perfect match! We’ve even included a sandcastle bucket and a beach ball to tie in with our nautical motif.

    Firstly we started with the pink tutu, a beautiful gift from Granny that was saved for Gia’s special day. Even Mum and Dad got to share limelight in this one, helping her showcase the look! It won’t be long before this little one is on her feet.

    Next it was cake time, which Gia playfully demolished. We all sang along Happy Birthday as she tore away chucks of sponge. This resulted in a lot of mess, but this was okay because Gia was able to clean herself up in a lovely warm bath with lots of bubbles cheered on by Mum, Dad and everyone at Carrie McKee Photography.

    Happy 1st Birthday Gia… Have a wonderful day<3


    Carrie McKee Photography. Belfast. Cake Smash. 07590368295

  7. Blake

    This happy chappy is Blake, and he spent a wonderful afternoon taking part in a Cake Smash shoot to celebrate his first birthday in a unique way. Blake was the first to try our new Stars and Spots theme. This included a cute spotty outfit; as well as a party hat (which didn’t remain on his head too long) and also metallic star decorations. His cake included a matching blue detailing to co-ordinate well with the set.

    Happy Birthday little man :)

    IMG_6207IMG_6239 IMG_6258IMG_6268IMG_6348IMG_6518


    Carrie McKee Photography. Belfast. 07590368295. Cake Smash First Birthday Shoot

  8. The Douglas’

    Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting Kaiden, Hannah and Scarlet when they took part in one of our family shoots. These three cuties enjoyed posing for the camera both together and by themselves. Everyone was very excited about having their own lovely portrait shots. Cousins Scarlet and Hannah loved looking like Rapunzel in their beautiful photos, and Kaiden had a lot of fun spinning around on set when it was his time to shine!

    We got some beautiful shots of the two girls as well as some adorable pictures of siblings, Hannah and Kaiden.  These kids certainly brought a lot of fun to the studio!

    Family Sessions from £60. Call Carrie on 07590368295

    IMG_5991IMG_6009 IMG_6039 IMG_6024IMG_6074 IMG_5834 IMG_5859 IMG_5893 IMG_5944

    Carrie McKee Photography. Belfast. Family Sessions. 07590368295