1. Aiofe

    Aiofe was our most recent cake smasher, isn’t she adorable? I just couldn’t resist featuring her on the blog!

    This Cake Smash had a a gold and pink colour scheme with stars scattered all over the set. It was perfect for this birthday celebration! At first Aiofe looked beautiful in her portraits, in which she wore a gorgeous cream dress. When the cake came out she changed into a pink tutu and headband, coordinating with the set perfectly! Aiofe was all smiles as she danced along to her favorite tunes and especially when the whole family sang happy birthday to her. At last bath time came, and after successfully covering Mummy in suds, Aiofe had lots of fun blowing bubbles with Daddy. She was all nice and clean and ready to go out to dinner with the family after the soapy fun!

    This Cake Smash also saw our first live stream on Facebook! Hopefully these will continue regularly and you can enjoy watching some behind the scenes action. Keep an eye out for more Cake Smashes soon!

    IMG_5244IMG_5261 IMG_5279 IMG_5344 IMG_5327 IMG_5386 IMG_5390 IMG_5387IMG_5558 IMG_5560

    Check out our first Facebook Live feed…


    Carrie McKee Photography. Cake Smash. Belfast. 07590368295

  2. Jersey Cake Smash

    Jersey is another little cake smasher I would love you to meet. She was recently at the studio in celebration of her first birthday.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a baby so happy to eat a cake! It didn’t last long and was soon all over her and the floor. Jersey looked stunning in some portrait shots, wearing a simple but lovely white outfit. When the cake was in front of her, she did not hesitate to destroy! Doesn’t her happy little face make you smile? A bath was definitely needed for this cutie. She loved splashing around in the bubbles, but I do think she was wondering where all the cake went! This vibrant sunflower theme tied everything together perfectly.





    IMG_4571 IMG_4599  IMG_4702 IMG_4706 IMG_4771 IMG_4792IMG_4891IMG_4888

    Carrie McKee Photography. Cake Smash. Belfast. 07590368295

  3. Aria Cake Smash


    This is Aria,one of the most recent to be involved in our Cake Smash sessions. Isn’t she adorable?

    This little cutie was definitely princess material in her pink tiara. Everyone was super impressed by her ballerina skills as she busted some moves in her frilly tutu. Then came the cake! Although a bit confused at first, it didn’t take long for Aria to dive in, ending up head to toe in a sugary mess. Who’d have thought she could get any more sweet? Bath time was just as fun, with a lot of laughs and bubbles to end the shoot.



    IMG_4928IMG_4949 IMG_5090 IMG_4978 IMG_4983 IMG_5024 IMG_5031

    Carrie McKee Photography. Cake Smash. Belfast. 07590368295

  4. The McParlands

    Introducing the newest little edition to the Mc Parland brood, Mr Tiarnan Oisin, born at 12.43 and weighing 6lb 8oz. His proud big brother, Shay, is already very hands on and dotes on his new best friend. Shay is now a big 2 and is currently mastering all topics of conversation…mainly when am I getting ice – cream>/??

    These cute boys were here a few weeks ago but had been a bit poorly with a head cold, so we held off sharing. Thankfully both are on the mend and we can openly enjoy their adorableness. So here they are with Mum and Dad on one of their first outings as family of FOUR!

    IMG_3113IMG_3128 IMG_3132IMG_3085 IMG_3181 IMG_3206 IMG_3232

    And here’s a wee throwback of Big Bro Shay at a few days old doing the same pose with Mum….


    Is this not the cutest?? …

    Carrie McKee Photography. Newborn Photography. Belfast. 07590368295

  5. Evie Cake Smash

    A Cake smash is a fantastic fun way to mark your babies first birthday. The session is approx an hour and is so crazy you won’t even notice the time fly by. Firstly, I like to begin with a few portraits of baby before I bring the cake out. So it’s good to prepare a little outfit for this. Once the cake is out, we will have baby in position and pop it in front of them. Then I just document what happens. All babies react differently, mainly shocked and worried at the consequences if they eat it (laughs)! Some dive right in head first, some tear up, some knock it over, but that doesn’t matter. All good fun.

    Once they have destroyed it in some way, and hopefully head to toe in buttercream, it’s now bath time. This is so handy for taking baby home clean. It most likely will guarantee they sleep on the way home too! I like to use a big tub with ducks and lots of bubbles. If your interested in booking a session make sure you pack babies shampoo, towels and extra nappy for this! You will also need to wear old clothes yourself as it can get messy helping baby smash it up. If you wish to bring a partner or family member that’s also fine, the more hands the better. If you are bringing small children, siblings or otherwise, please bring something to occupy them.

    If you require parking just let me know ahead of time, we have a space in our car-park for you. If baby has food allergies let us know ahead of time.

    I provide the cake, the set and balloons. The price for this is £85 including CD. I have some outfits but not all colours. This will be discussed ahead of your session so please let me know your theme. You may be required to provide the outfit, so good idea to get booked in well in advance of babies birthday.

    Images will be uploaded to your private  gallery just after your shoot and will remain online. Your CD will be available for collection a few days after. Please disclose if you do not wish for your images to be used online or in-store for promotional purposes.

    Here’s my most recent baby smash…introducing Evie. I just love the bonnet. She was such a sweet little girl. Happy Birthday Evie


    Carrie McKee Photography. Cake Smash. Belfast. 07590368295

  6. Hannah’s Tribal Teaser

    Often I’m asked what is involved in a Model Portfolio shoot and have decided to do a write up of my most recent shoot with 9 year old Hannah. Usually, the day starts next door from my studio in Pout. This is the pamper session for the child, while Mum and myself plan outfits. It’s a good idea to run outfits by me so I can get a idea of theme and where is best to go. Hannah’s clothes would have worked either indoors or out…and even though it was raining, 20 mins at Botanic turned into 2 hrs! Sometimes you get carried away.

    I like to go with the flow, what I get in my head in that moment is what I stick by… 9 times out of 10 this works. It is fantastic to have the city center studio in case weather changes and we need to go indoors. It was actually raining this particular day, taking shade where we could, under trees, in green houses and under band stands.

    In terms of what to bring, usually 3-5 outfits. Some comfortable shoes. For this shoot I used my own Polaroid as a prop but I’ve used clients bicycles, trampolines, fur coats, boxing gloves…anything and everything really. I encourage a personal stamp but I’m also inclined to rob my own Mum’s wardrobes from time to time. I have a secret ally who is amazing at pulling things like outfits and hairbands. I keep telling her to open a shop and I’d buy it all but no such luck yet. (*cough cough Miss Jenny!*). Can’t have enough accessories either, hair clips, hairbrush and clothing pins are a good thing to remember to pack.

    Here’s Hannah’s teaser from last weeks shoot. Any questions, ask away. Personally I’m so in love with each all of these and thankfully she forgets it was raining <3

    IMG_2829 IMG_2796 IMG_2755 IMG_2724IMG_2746IMG_2958 IMG_2980IMG_2988 IMG_3015IMG_3031IMG_3076

    Definition of rockin’ it !!! GO HANNAH


    Carrie McKee Photography. Model Portfolio. Belfast. 07590368295


  7. Dempsey’s Cake Smash

    Happy first birthday to this little rascal, Dempsey. The third of three beautiful girls, this sweet little girl is surrounded by love and serious sister style! I just know you’ll be in their wardrobe in years to come ”borrowing heels and tops”.  Try not to break too many boys hearts girls…your a force to be reckoned with <3

    Looking forward to your big sister’s modelling shoot in the coming week’s, can’t decide who’s the biggest heart-breaker. Here’s some super cute images to swoon over guys.

    IMG_1439 IMG_1450 IMG_1550IMG_1581IMG_1636IMG_1716IMG_1622IMG_1771

    And here’s the new bath time set. After much hunting I found my tube in the humble TK Maxx! Thanks Ciara Jones for the head’s up!




    Carrie McKee Photography. Cake Smash. Belfast. 07590368295


  8. Emilie, Chris & Bump

    So here it is… the next generation McKee. Introducing my little niece or nephew in the making <3

    It’s not everyday your Maternity shoot destination is on a private island, but hey…I’ve had worse days. The Cíes Islands are situated of the coast of Pontevedra in Galicia, Spain. Described by The Belfast Telegraph as ‘the most beautiful beach in the world’, and it’s true. I’ve walked the white sands and swam in the clear blue seas, all while juggling my GoPro camera that had it’s real underwater debut. Aside from all that excitement, we managed to squeeze a impromptu shoot in with my sister-in-law, Emilie. Who now, I imagine, holds a great dislike for me…having been trailed into the sea in a floor length dress! Poor Em!!

    Emilie and Chris are expecting their first baby in September…just shy of their first wedding anniversary. They know the sex, and although I offered up many Euro’s to find out…it remains a secret. I guess a few things in this life is left a surprise, so it will be lovely to get that phone call in the coming months. And off course if you want to fly me out to Germany to photograph the Baby, I’ll be on the next flight. I’m over the moon to be an Auntie and can’t wait to cuddle my French – Irish – German baby niece or nephew<3

    IMG_0121IMG_0108 IMG_0134 IMG_0160 IMG_0165 IMG_0190 IMG_0198 IMG_0206 IMG_0213 IMG_0255 IMG_0296

    P.s. Don’t loose the baby Chris xo

    Here’s some pictures taken on our phones enjoying the Island. So if your ever in the area, make sure you take the trip to the Island. Attached is the link to the Telegraph’s article, it’s actually how my brother heard about it.

    13278093_1229873253724654_2010027472_n 13287872_1229872380391408_436534762_o13275731_1229873113724668_1855924069_n



    Carrie McKee Photography. Maternity. Belfast. Destination Photography. Cies Islands, Spain. 07590368295